This year, we are looking for ways to serve locally. This trimester, we are focused on the Neighboring. We have various ways and different levels of engagement for everyone to help out. This page how now become a resource for us to grow in our intentional neighboring.

We do still have events! We have monthly recurring neighboring challenges and events along with a building a church in Mexico after Easter.

Neighbor Map

Use this basic diagram to identity and pray for your neighbors.  It is a great start!

Neighbor Map

Neighbor Prayer Reminder

Use this website to pray for specific neighbors every day.  This website will send you email reminders to pray for a certain address on your block.

Prayer Walk Instructions (FEBRUARY)

In the month of February, Grace, as a whole will take up the neighborhood prayer walking challenge.  How many times can you walk your neighborhood and pray for your neighbors?


Canning Hunger Drive (MARCH)

In March, Grace will rally door to door to with “Canning Hunger” to give ourselves an excuse to “interrupt” our neighbors.  We will be asking for canned goods or non-perishable food items.  We will then donate these items to Teen Leadership Foundation, one of our local partners.  This is a great way to meet neighbors and begin to work together!

How it works and the benefits of participating

Flyers will be printed and handed out at church.  (Sample)

Deadline for collecting is March 30th

TLF Thank you letter (print and hand out to neighbors)

Intentional Connection (April)

As we seek a posture of being a good neighbor, we find ourselves in many different places with many different strengths and weaknesses.  This month’s challenge is to consider yourself, consider your neighbor and make a plan to reach out to intentionally connect with at least one neighbor.

  • Is that grabbing a coffee with them?
  • Inviting them on a walk around the block?
  • Hosting a free lemonade stand on your front lawn?
  • Inviting someone over for dinner?
  • Throwing a party and inviting people over?

We ask you to pray about what and who and then be obedient to anything the Lord puts on your heart!  Make sure to email us any stories of what happened!  We would love to be encouraged!

Thank you letter from TLF (To hand out to neighbors for participating in Canning Hunger)

Intentionally Serve a Neighbor (May)

A good neighbor takes the posture of Jesus who came serve.  This month’s all church challenge is to look for a way to intentionally save a neighbor?  This is unique to each persons and each neighbor.  Through your service, how can you seek the good of your neighbor and enrich their life?  What would strengthen your relational bonds?  Remember, it is okay to take a risk!

  • Bringing over a fresh plate of cookies?
  • Tutoring or watching their kids for an hour?
  • Offer to walk their dog.
  • Coordinating a larger project for your neighbor through Love Costa Mesa Day (May 18th)

Serving is last on our list because it suggests there some sort of relationship that has been built.  If you find yourself new to an area or not knowing any of your neighbors, consider going back up to the Prayer Walk challenge and starting there.

Additional Resources

Below are books, articles and a fun activity to do with your kids.  We want everyone to grow in their ability to be a good neighbor.  Sometimes that takes a bit extra discovery.  Be open and humble and enjoy these resources:

Articles by Watergate Church on neighboring:

Sermons From Fiducia Communities NedTalks: 


Fun Things To Do

  • Take your kids on a neighborhood scavenger hunt.  Try to get “bingo” by knocking on doors and asking which square best describes them.
  • A neighborhood mixer, invite everyone over and play Bingo, instructions and cards included. (need a printer)
  • Invite them to join us in Mexico for the Church Build (April 12-14)
  • If you have made it this far and you need help thinking of ideas, give Ryan Z a call or email.

Directory Idea

If you haven’t, please watch the video from Wendy Carr on her directory story.  Its inspiring!



Below are forms to take around the neighborhood each year (January is a good time to do it).  The forms are double sided and dropped into the mailbox.  Any information they fill out and return to your mailbox is option.
Once you get the updates returned (by date in the letter) put it in an Excel spreadsheet and email it out.
The first year you do this you may want to print a cover at Staples so people can just toss the insert and print the new pages, or leave it in a digital format.  In the end, it is what works for you and your neighborhood!


Forms that you can tweak to suit your needs: 

Contact Form

Intro Letter


April 22nd – Love Costa Mesa’s Quarterly Intentional Neighboring Celebration Dinner @ FLDWRK, 6pm. Sign up HERE.

April 24th – Trivia Night @ The Bridge Shelter, 6 pm – 8pm. Sign up HERE.

May 4th – Love Costa Mesa’s Labors of Love, 8 am till 12p, Manual labor to love your neighbor. Sign up HERE.

May 18th – LOTS Breakfast @ The Crossing, 7:30 till 11p. Help serve and love our shelterless friends! Sign up HERE.

May 18th – Love Costa Mesa Serve Day. Create a project, lead a team or help serve. More Info HERE.

May 22nd – Serve Night @ The Bridge Shelter, 6 pm – 8pm. Sign up HERE.

For the groups or people looking to bring one meal a month to the foster cottages, sign up HERE.