Cali, Colombia Trip with Movements of Grace


If you are interested in the Colombia Trip, email [email protected]. We’ll send you the latest itinerary and cost and answer any questions. Sign-ups must be made by June 5th. You can raise support, and any money you put into the trip will be tax-deductible.

Dates of the trip: July 5th – 11th

Join us as we take a group of our closest friends to the front lines of Movements of Grace’s work in Colombia. You’ll experience firsthand how you can make a difference by joining MOG and their quest to help “Feed the Solution.” Join in the feedings of hundreds of Venezuelans and displaced Colombians each day alongside Sean the Founder. This unique trip is guaranteed to deepen your understanding of the Venezuelan Crisis and bring life-long impact as you are invited into the story.


July 5 – Red Eye Flight to Bogota
July 6 –
Travel to Cali
Office tour/Orientation
Visit Cristo Rey
July 7 –
Meet local church partner
Tour of Siloe
Shop for food for feedings
July 8 –
Food prep and serve soup
Evening Outreach
July 9 –
Trip to the country
Food prep in the evening
July 10 –
Food prep and feeding
Evening debrief
July 11 –
Travel home *Itinerary subject to change