Camryn Hudson

John 12 | OVERFLOW DAILY – Camryn Hudson

7/23/20 – “In today’s reading, we see that after Jesus had raised his friend Lazarus from the dead that the Pharisees and teachers of the Law’s patient had run out. Jesus’ miraculous act of love brought many who were doubting to trust Jesus. We see this when Jesus enters the city of Jerusalem riding on a donkey and a large crowd honors him as the King of Israel. At this time, many of these followers may have still believed Jesus would be the earthly political leader they had been hoping for but from this moment we begin to see Jesus’ journey to cross to die not as earthly king – but the servant King who would die for the sins of the world and establish his Kingdom differently than anyone expected”

John 5:1-30 | OVERFLOW DAILY – Camryn Hudson

7/13/20 – In today’s reading, John shares a story about Jesus healing a paralized man in a place called Bethesda or Sheeps Gate pool. Historically, the pool in Bethesda was believed by many at the time to provide healing – that is for anyone that could make it in the small natural pool when the water rose high enough. As a parlized man for 38 years, you can imagine the seemingly helpless and shameful life of not being able to get to the pool and even if you did, hopelessly wishing it would heal. It’s easy to read over this short account as another typical “Jesus-thing-to” but put yourself in that man’s place and imagine the joy and freedom he experienced because of the grace and mercy of Jesus – who we will later learn is the TRUE Sheep’s Gate Keeper and the good shepherd! Lastly, notice how the teachers of Law were upset about Jesus healing on the Sabbath – a day originally set aside by God for rest, delight and worship that the current day leaders had twisted into a legalistic show of who was more holy. Jesus defies this religious expectation not out of disrespect to the Sabbath but to reveal the true gift that the Sabbath is for – delight, rest and worship of God’s continual healing work in us

John 2 | OVERFLOW DAILY – Camryn Hudson

7/8/20 – The book of John is full of accounts of Jesus’ miracles that are ultimately supernatural signs pointing to who Jesus is and what God and his kingdom is like. Today’s reading starts with a glimpse into Jesus’ first public miracle of sorts as he transforms water into wine… YES wine. In 1st century Jewish culture weddings were a time of celebration and an opportunity to celebrate God’s covenantal love for His people. Drinking wine was a special way of celebrating together and also represented God’s goodness and generosity. If it ran out too early, it was bummer for the guests and often shameful for the hosts. This sign is full of symbolism but one a simple sign to take notice of is how it displays Jesus’ abundant generosity and care.