Families Together Opportunity

We have an opportunity to partner with Olive Crest on a home designated for larger sibling sets entering foster care so that they can stay together.  This home is in need of a makeover!  This cottage will house up to 6 children and Christian foster parents.  We get to prepare the home for this new family and provide a healing haven for kiddos, including fresh paint, new carpet, new furniture, etc. 


  • SHOP – Purchase items from our carefully curated online shopping lists at AmazonTarget, and IKEA.
    • Please purchase from the designated lists, as they have been purposefully planned. 
    • The shipping information is included in the registry; please select to have it shipped to the Lansdowne Rd address in Tustin.  
    • Ship to: Olive Crest, c/o Adrienne Rogers
    • 15405 Lansdowne Rd, Ste A
    • Tustin, CA 92782-0201
    • Gate instructions: at the intercom call the front office to be buzzed in, if no one answers call or text Adrienne’s cell (714-625-6857)
  • GIVE – If you would prefer to give to a fund that will cover the cost of painting, carpeting, deep cleaning, and miscellaneous furniture items that cannot be added to a registry list, we estimate our financial need is approximately $20,000-25,000.  Click GIVE in the upper right-hand corner to donate. Select Missions; in the memo, put “Families Together.”
  • SERVE – We will have some work days on-site to assemble furniture, clean, organize, prep, and pray.  If you want to be on an interest list to help serve, email Ali Bray at [email protected]
  • PRAY – Psalm 68:6 says, “God places the lonely in families,” and we know His heart is for restoration.  Help us cover this entire project from start to finish in prayer, and join us in praying that each child who lives in this home will feel safe, secure, beloved, and cherished.


  • The program is called “Families Together,” We will be working on the Tustin Family Campus, right down Red Hill, 3 miles from Grace.
  • Olive Crest will facilitate the placement of a Christian foster “mom and dad” who will live in the home full-time to provide a home for a larger sibling set of children (6 children) in need of foster care.  It is rare for a typical foster family to say yes to taking in 3 or more kids at once, so larger sibling sets are often separated, which adds to their trauma.  This home allows them to stay intact. 
  • We look forward to this partnership and plan to have extended opportunities to serve and care for the family living in this home.
  • If you want or need this purchase to be tax-deductible, please keep your receipts and submit them to Ali (email above), and she will work with Olive Crest to get an in-kind donation receipt.