Critical Conversations About Race

Critical Conversations on Race

As we are experiencing the widespread upheaval related to issues of race and racism we are faced with an opportunity to learn. As Christians, how do we respond to all this? May we begin with humility and an open heart to listen and seek deeper understanding of these challenging issues. We encourage you to engage this conversation for your own sake but also for our collective sake as the Body of Christ. So many of these issues are complicated and nuanced and faithful believers are not on the same page in how they see these things. Our encouragement is to explore these issues, listen, learn, and engage in gracious and loving discourse. These recommendations are NOT intended to be an explicit “endorsement” of these views, as the views represented here are not necessarily of one voice. This is simply a sampling of resources that we will be curating over time that can assist in your journey to better understand the issues with which our society is contending.

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Recommended Talks

Vodie Baucham explains how Ethnic Gnosticism is undermining the gospel and compromising genuine Christian relationship in the church today.

The parents of a young black women who is a part of our 20’s gathering at Grace were recently interviewed about how the current events are impacting them. This is a very helpful and encouraging conversation.

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Recommended Movie

Just Mercy is a film based on the powerful true story of a young lawyer and his history-making battle for justice.