hands holding purple grapes

Serve at Grace

Under Christ’s direction the whole body is fitted together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is salty and growing and full of love.

Ephesians 4:6

God has graciously given each of us diverse gifts and passions in the church for the purpose of caring for one another and strengthening our faith. Here are a few ways you can use your gifts to serve our existing ministries:

Lend a Hand on Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings have a lot of moving parts and needs as we host two services. Whether it’s making coffee, helping facilitate our monthly Sunday brunches, helping with facility prep and transition between services, being a greeter, ushering, hosting our welcome and information booth, and more, you can play a part in making it all happen. As they say, ‘many hands make light work’, so we are always looking for dedicated people to serve on Sundays.

Love and Serve our Children

Ministry to our Children is one of our biggest values, as we grow the next generation in their love for Christ.  With classes and events for all ages, we are always looking for qualified and verified volunteers to help with our kid’s programs.  If you have a heart to serve our children, we would love to hear from you.

Love and Serve our Youth

Our Jr. and Sr. High students are amazing and bring so much life to our church body. We are very grateful for their involvement, passion, and sense of fun. Our youth need loving mentors to look up to and guide their spiritual growth into adulthood.  If you’re interested in volunteering with our youth department or serving in some capacity with our teens, we’d enjoy hearing about your interest.

Use Your Gift of Music

If you are a gifted musician or vocalist and would be interested in serving with our worship team, we would be interested in exploring how you might utilize that gift within our community.

Join a Prayer Team

We have a group of dedicated individuals who commit to serving our church by praying for specific needs that arise within our community. Our Email Prayer Team receives weekly emails identifying specific prayer needs in our community. Our Sunday Prayer Team is available to people after our Sunday services. Whichever team you are interested in joining, our prayer teams are reserved for faithful members of our church and require having an online account.

Provide Meals to Those in Need

We often have people or families going through a tough time, such as a medical procedure, or experiencing a great joy, like the birth of a new baby. One practical way we can love them is by providing them a prepared meal to help ease their burden during this trying time. It’s a simple and beautiful way to serve that means so much! If you are interested in joining our ministry meals team we would love to hear from you. 

Provide Basic Needs

At times, members of our community need a hand up with some basic needs. We want to be there for our community, to provide those basic needs as we walk with them through tough times. If you’re interested in using your gifts or resources in this way, we would enjoy hearing from you to discuss in more detail.