Since early 2018 Grace Fellowship Church has played a critical role in feeding 8,000+ Venezuelans every day! Our desire this year is to grow these feedings and create long-term sustainable feeding programs for Venezuelans in their home country as well as for the over one million refugees who have sought relief in neighboring Colombia. 

(sorry for the bad audio – filmed on location!)

An estimated five million Venezuelans have fled Venezuela over the past seven years due to a critical food and medicine shortage caused by a corrupt government. Most of those who remain have a daily struggle to feed their families. While Venezuela, with its abundance of oil, was once the richest country in Latin America years of incompetent leadership and mismanagement have caused hyperinflation creating a country where 96% of the population lives in poverty.

Our desire in 2021 is to maintain the current food levels through continued shipments of dehydrated soups while pursuing new opportunities to more efficiently and effectively feed this refugee community both physically and spiritually. Our networks of church partners in Venezuela and Colombia faithfully serve these vulnerable communities every day. We at Grace are grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside them.

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While the crisis in Venezuela has brought incredible suffering to millions of people it also has created an opportunity to share the hope of the Gospel through our fulfillment of God’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves. Because of Grace Fellowship’s history and ongoing participation with this mission, we are in a unique position over the next year to have a major impact on the largest current refugee crisis in the world.

If you would like more information on this project please contact Sean Lawrence by “Email Sean” above.