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REGISTER HERE - It costs $35 per couple (additional children are no extra cost)

Father and father figures,

You have chosen to invest in the life of a precious girl by being here tonight - both a girl here and one across the world. By purchasing tickets to this event, you are contributing to She ls Safe's work to free and equip girls in least-reached places. The $35 you gave will fund prevention, rescue, or restoration for one girl for about a month, equipping her to become who God created her to be.

Tonight, we hope you dance, have fun, and celebrate the relationship in front of you, and that this will be a year of pouring into each other in lasting ways. To that end, we will provide low-cost, fun ideas that you can use to plan monthly outings with each other. In addition, you have the opportunity to help a girl who, without our help, is likely to be sold. You can protect a girl from suffering as a slave, keeping her safe in her home, and provide her father the chance to recognize her value.

Imagine being parents who cannot afford to take care of their children, are tempted to sell one, but are now able to keep their daughter, because of you. What if every month, as you intentionally spend time with your daughter, you also pray for a girl and her family on the other side of the world who desperately need to stay together?

With your monthly support of $35 or more as a Rescue One partner, you can rescue and restore a girl who has been trafficked or prevent her from being sold, help families earn their own sustainable income and shine the light of Jesus in their communities.

Thank you for what you are doing here tonight for your relationship with each other and for another girl and her

family in the hardest places. We pray this ministry is a blessing for you and has lasting impact forever!

REGISTER HERE - It costs $35 per couple (additional children are no extra cost)

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Grace Patio
3170 Red Hill Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Oct 14, 2022 at 6:30 PM